The Machines

S1 Armonia

• Semiautomatic coffee machine with continuous delivery 2 groups
• Dispensing of coffee powder, wafer or capsule according to the configuration required
• Independent regulation of temperature for each brewing group thermostatically
• Electronic temperature control of the heater temperature for the production of steam
• Safety thermostats incorporated
• Indicating lack of water tank
• Built-in vibration pump for each dispensing unit
• Disabling heating boiler function (Energy saving)
• Alarm management / malfunctions
Boiler for brewing coffee of 0,45 liters for each dispenser group
Boiler for steam production of 1,2 liters
Internal tank of 3 liters with built-in water softener
• Floor holding surface lighting
• 1 vapor spear
Power: 230V - 50/60Hz
Absorption: 1200W boiler heating element / 800 + 800Watt delivery groups
Color: Red, Silver and Black
Dimensions: (LxPxH) mm 550x415x385
Weight: Kg 33

Mini Mini

Absorbed power:
coffee group 700W each
vapor group 1300W
full load 2700W

230V/50Hz - 230V/60Hz

Thermal control:
adjustable thermostat

Tank capacity:
5.0 L

Boiler capacity:
2.0 L (only dispensing hot water and steam)

Dimensions and weight:
(LxPxH) mm 560x500x500
Kg 33

from 2 to 4 coffee at a time, hot water and steam

black with prospectus
crankcase steel - stainless