Welcome in the Workshop of Coffee & Chocolate

The passion we put into our work allows us to follow each customer even the most demanding of professionalism and reliability, guaranteeing an exceptional product.

Coffee project

The wisdom and tradition of Italian artisans roasters and impeccable system of the machine pod at your service.

The Blends

Coffee blends that are selected and slowly roasted in small quantities.

The Grind

Professional grinding and roasting, different for each variety of coffee.

The Amount

Greatest possible quantity of coffee (7 and a half grams) enclosed within one pod, packaged in a protective atmosphere, for a perfect result every time.

The Professional Machines

Professional espresso pod machine on loan, the result of years of experience and patents.

The Italian-style coffee

Italian and single-origin blends from the best production areas, for a superlative coffee.

Our products

The Coffees

Our coffee offers enthusiasts something completely new: choice.

The Professional Machines

The result of years of experience and patents, dedicated to catering.

The Chocolate

Coffee and Chocolate a perfect union, let yourself be surprised by the excellence.