GustoTop was founded 10 years ago by the passion for coffee the owner Giuseppe Rossetto, that every day with the same passion loves personally select each coffee, paying particular attention to raw materials and roasting. Our hand crafted coffee, come from every corner of the world and we follow maniacally every production process, from pre-shipment sample to that of landing, thus he is able to certify each batch of coffee. Ours is a small workshop.

Simplicity, exaltation of the natural taste
and freshness combined with tradition and creativity.

The experience of various experts

Ecologic Products

Evaluating the environmental sustainability of our coffee has been a priority for us from day one: the choice of paper coffee pods, packaged in aluminium with a protective atmosphere, both 100% recyclable materials, therefore seemed like the best option.

The controlled atmosphere allows the complex sensory characteristics of the coffee to be preserved without the use of refrigerators.

Paper coffee pods, 100% biodegradable, are not a burden on the environment, on the contrary, they can actually be useful, transforming into compost. In fact, once used, our advice is to bury them in plant pots: leftover coffee makes an excellent organic fertiliser as it facilitates the plant’s absorption of the nutrients in the soil. It is particularly recommended for houseplants of tropical origin, such as Nolina or Elephant’s Foot (Beaucarnea), il Ficus, Yucca, and the Trunk of Happiness (Dracaena).

Last, but not least, there is the energy saving achieved with the machine that we supply. Its heat exchange system requires much less energy in respect to traditional machines.